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About Us

Our Mission

La Crèche Inc. is a New York State licensed, home-based daycare founded by Yprianne Getz – a certified Early Childhood teacher and mother of two boys. We offer part-time and full-time care for children 6 weeks old and above. Our team provides care and education in French and English throughout the day. We offer educational programs which include music/singing, dance, arts and crafts, and early literacy.


Our philosophy is to nurture the development of children through free play and in total immersion of the French language. We give your child an opportunity to learn French from a young age, as if they were in France.


During their free time we provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere where they are free to explore and develop their self-confidence and social skills.


Our goal is to provide the best environment possible for your child.


Our team at La Crèche is trained on an on-going basis. Each and every caregiver is trained and

CPR/First Aid certified by the American Red Cross. We are also MAT (Medication Administration Training) certified.

Our Philosophy

At La Crèche, the children learn and play in the classroom at different learning centers. They build vocabulary by playing and interacting with each other. We have several rotating centers like kitchen, puzzles, workbench with tools, cars and trucks, blocks/Legos for all ages, library, dolls, and a coloring center. All our activities are done at a level that is appropriate to the child’s developmental stage.


At La Crèche, we focus on community building. We teach the children how to share and how to ask for things politely. We get to know each other by learning what each child enjoys and likes to do.


At La Crèche, we teach through Positive Reinforcement. We continuously encourage the children for their achievement. The children are taught to problem solve by themselves in order to become more independent. Finally, our staff serves as role models by continuously showing appropriate behavior toward each other.

Yprianne Getz

Founder and Head Teacher

at La Crèche

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